== Credits & Notes ==

ET 3.00 is currently developed by Pauluzz
Credits for tracking integration go out to morsik. Special thanks for support to Solchanel.
The development is still very active, and so it can happen that there will be regular updates.
Please check for updates once in a while to see if there is anything that concerns you!
Latest version: 0.7.4 (23-5-2015)

• Download

Download for LinuxLinuxDL
Download for WindowsLinuxDL
*You can rename the files to anything you like if needed!

== Instructions ==

Default the game runs on 2.60b protocol 84 while accepting also legacy 2.55 clients.
For statistics tracking, be sure to unblock port 4444 UDP outgoing.

• Startup Line Options

- You can list the server in both masterlites (2.55/2.60b) if you add +set net_port_extra at the startup line. Both client version can connect on both ports.
+set net_port_extra PORTNUM
- The server has auto update for new versions, if you do not want this put +set sv_autoUpdate 0 IN YOUR SERVER STARTUP LINE. This can not be changed during runtime.
+set sv_autoUpdate 0

• Runtime/General Options

- You can enable protocol checking with (default is off/0)
set sv_protocolcheck "1"
- You can set the default protocol with (default is 84; possible options: 82/84) - this will also determine which clients can connect if sv_protocolcheck is enabled.
set sv_protocol "84"
- You can allow/disallow users with sv_allownoguid and edit the kick message with sv_guidkickmsg (default ALL people are allowed to connect/this is RECOMMENDED as many people DO NOT play with guids anymore)
set sv_allownoguid "1" // 1 ENABLES IT, DEFAULT = 0, RECOMMEND LEAVING IT AT 0
set sv_guidkickmsg "You have been kicked because you do not have a valid GUID.
- You can enable the chat relay by setting:
set sv_chatRelay "1" // 1 ENABLES IT, DEFAULT = 0

• RCON Tools

- You can enable the rcon filtering by
set sv_rconfilter "1"
set the sv_rcon1 up to sv_rcon5 to whitelist rcon ip's while using sv_rconfilter "1" you can also use a * here to specify a range like 9.8.2.*

• Network Options

- You can enable the rrdoss protection with (default: 0, put it on 1 to enable)
set sv_maxGetstatusCheck "1"
- You can change the reflective ddos tresshold by changing
set sv_maxGetstatusPerMinute "A_VALUE"
- You can auto add ddossing IP's in iptables with setting
set sv_maxGetstatusBeforeIPTABLES "1200"
Any value above 0 will be the max packets per minute a host can send before it gets in, with a typical rddos you would get ~1200 packets per minute. IT IS NOT, I REPEAT, NOT RECOMMENDED TO PUT THIS VALUE ANY LOWER, DOING SO CAN CAUSE YOU AND/OR YOUR PLAYERS TO BE UNABLE TO REACH YOUR SERVER

• Notes

- ET 3.00 works with NoQuarter but does not let multi-protocol clients join, keep that in mind!

== Changelog ==

Version (released) 0.7.4
- Fixed abuse for authserver, this is now disabled by default.

Version (released) 0.7.3
- Anti-Flood logging
- Improved memory usage/speed of anti-flood filter

Version (released) 0.7.2
- q3boom exploit fix

Version (released) 0.7.1
- Possible fix for silent guid error - Chat Relay is now fully functional (default disabled, set sv_chatRelay 1 to enable
- TB functions, on 0.7.1 servers type tb_help to see available commands

Version (released) 0.7.0
- Stats Tracking fixed for windows servers
- Chat Relay for server admins (default disabled, set sv_chatRelay 1 to enable
- Several Optimizations

Version (released) 0.6.7
- Jaymod fix with guidkick

Version (released) 0.6.5
- Fixed NQ compatibility
- Fixed bug introduced in 0.5.2 (not likely to happen, but updating is recommended)

Version (released) 0.6.4
- Fix for getstatus rddos protection

Version (released) 0.6.3
- Fixed security bug that could let the server crash
- Players without any guid should be able to play on enhancedmod servers now as well